The Deluxe Pumping Station is Economical and Built To Stay That Way!

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Its energy efficient design saves operating dollars. The individual stainless steel, fresh water supply float tanks allow the unit to operate with either instantaneous or storage type water heaters. The unique design of the system has the pump, motor and all electrical controls conveniently located well up off the floor, for ease in maintenance. With just a glance at the pumping station, you or your attendant can monitor the cycle indicator lights, the pump pressure gauge reading and the detergent and wax flow rate indicators.

Changing oil in your pump's crankcase is as easy as opening a valve, no fuss, no mess. The heavy duty adjustable overload motor starter protects against motor burn out. The frame is constructed of heavy gauge tubular steel with adjusting levelers on each leg, and is painted with oven-baked enamel paint, the frame is also available in stainless steel. The Deluxe Pumping Station comes completely preplumbed and prewired. Each and every pumping station must pass a thorough in-plant testing procedure before shipment. The system is available with 3 - phase or 1 - phase motor, manual or automatic weep system. Hot or cold water rinse is another option available to accommodate your needs. Why not have the best of both worlds - Quality equipment with an economical price tag!


  • Water tight enclosures protect all electrical components
  • System is UL/ETL approved
  • Detergent and wax flow indicators
  • Cycle indicator lights
  • Heavy duty motor starters,
    with built in adjustable thermal over-load protection
  • Stainless steel float tanks
  • Stainless steel solenoid valves
  • Glycerin-filled pressure gauges
  • Convenient pump oil drain system
  • Economical manual or automatic weep system
  • Double groove pulleys and belts
  • Balance relief valves


Description Height Width Depth Weight
1 bay 48" 19" 30" 190 lbs.
2 bay 48" 26" 30" 240 lbs.

HP Phase Volts  Hz Amps S.F.
3 30 208/230/460 60 10 1.15
5 30 208/230/460 60 15 1.15
3 10  230/460 60 17 1.15
5 10 230/460 60 28 1.15


The Compac Deluxe Pumping Station is the ultimate in efficient use of equipment room space!

You compromise nothing, no sliding shelves or vibration problems, just rugged reliable equipment.

  • Stainless Steel Enclosure Protects all Electrical Components
  • System is UL/ETL Approved
  • Detergent & Wax Flow Indicators
  • Cycle Indicator Lights
  • Heavy Duty Motor Starters with Built in Adjustable Thermal Over-Load Protection
  • Stainless Steel Solenoid Valves
  • Glycerin Filled High Pressure Gauges
  • Convenient Pump Oil Drain System
  • Economical Manual or Automatic Weep Systems
  • Double Groove Pulleys and Belts
  • Balance Relief Valves

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Description Height Width Depth Weight
2 bay 58 1/2" 24" 31 1/2"   240 Lbs.
4 bay 58 1/2" 40" 31 1/2" 480 Lbs.


3 3 208/230/460 60 10 1.15
5 3 208/230/460 60 15 1.15
3 1 230/460 60 17 1.15
5 1 230/460 60 28 1.15